hello there!
this is ohmega,

a place where students build their ideas to life.


about 🙈

ohmega is an accelerator and a platform for students to get discovered for their work and come together to build their ideas to life 🎉

we students often come up with a tonne of ideas, which we blindly discard due to our obligations of being a student, which is just cruel irony 🙄

and we are here to put an end to that 😼

read the manifesto here

projects 💃

here are some of the kickass ideas that have been accelerated with ❤️ here at ohmega 😇

have an idea in mind 💡
that you wanna take to the next level 🤔

community 🔑

meet (some of) the people who make ohmega awesome 🙌🏼